We are an engineering company with a passion for new innovative solutions. For a decade, we have been looking for different solutions around the world for our most basic needs such as water and energy. GIG Ltd has chosen to collaborate with talented innovators and inventors who have solved these problems by taking things to whole other levels. Today we can proudly supply the most cost efficient fresh water solutions in the world.

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We supply the most cost efficient AWG (Atmospheric Water Generator) in the world. Our team of engineers took a look at this fantastic . product which has been around since 1950`s and have re-engineered it into the most rugged and energy effective AWG on the market today. At the moment we are looking for partners and re-sellers in all African nations. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.


The GIG Energy source will a complete game changer in the future. A group of innvative inventors have built a fully independent energy source that requires no sun, no wind no fuel. This is pure technology which can be used to power anytinhg from a house, a car a ship. Due to the sensitive nature of this project we prefer to be contacted personally. We are looking for partners at the moment and the interest is huge. Please contact us for more information.

Public lighting

Since 2011 we have been involved in public lighting projects on all continents over the world in 26 countries. We have followed the LED boom and have very up to date information on standards, products and realiable suppliers.

We also offer professional consultation, the quality in the lumionary business is really hard to keep up with and we assist you with not wasting time and public resources. The risk of being deceived by low-cost products which in the long run will end up as a cost to the buyer, we offer you help to find the right product.

Ecological concrete

In 2007 we developed a very special method to make concrete with 40% less cement. The end result is a high grade K45 concrete mix at the lowest cost possible. We use no chemicals or polymers, this is pure technolgy and mechanical processing. If you want more information about our concrete technology we will happily send you and NCDA and additional information.



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